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San Francisco, United States
Im a type of person who is serious about relationship,honest,kind,humble,funny sometimescoz i like people to laugh ,Im simple person Im content of what I am now.Im not materialistic girl.I dont like going to the clubs i dont smoke or even drink alcoholic.Im friendly to everybodyesp those who are nice to me.Im helpful those who are needed not fenancialcoz Im burning hole in my pocket means i dont have money in my pocket heheheh coz im not yet working so guyssss remember i cant help u fenancially heheheh joke only but serious to say I can advice espiritually and moral support.as long as i can.Im friendly to everyone.
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About the person I would like to meet should have patience,responsible,not cheater,humble,kindhearted and accept the girl they want to be.not only looking in a physical appearance but most especially the inner side of the person.its useless if u have a good outside appearance but no good in the inside .I would rather used the person who is good attitude even if he is not so good in physical appearance.I like a person who is down to earth,humble.I like a person also have a sense of humor.I dont like smoker person and drink alcoholic. I prefer to meet a man who is christianbelieve in God