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San Francisco, United States
I have sensitiveheart and me it is very pleasant to have such heart,
I am a romantic man, the loyal, sincere man.
My individuality is silent, steady, self-contemplate, quiet, fair.
Mydream in my life to find the person of my destiny.
To me very much to like to prepare for various dishes. I like sports and I am engaged in
The life - aerobics.It supports my form of a body to be the healthy person!
I should belong to one to man in the deep dark blue sea of love which I shall love and care.
Itis very pleasant to me to have conversation with such person which is pleasant to me and approaches
For a joint life. I very sociable person.
Looking for
I search and I dream of the person with whom I can create serious attitudes.
The person with whom we shall understand and support each other is necessaryto me
In the attitudesand love between us!!!! I very much love in the person,
That I for it did all that I can also it to me also helped when I shall appear in a difficultsituation!
It will be pleasant to me to be with the person who will look after me also we we shall give
Flowerseach other! I very much dream the romantic person.
I want that it was the kind, sensitiveand sympathetic person who can take care of me.
It will be pleasant to me to be with the person when it will show a lot of love and tendernesses to me.